We work with partners and innovative technology suppliers that support service improvements across operational and clinical settings in both NHS and Private Healthcare.

We are an industry partner with the National Institute for Health Research (NIHR) Applied Research Collaboration (ARC) North West London (NWL) to facilitate and increase the rate with which research findings are implemented into practice. NIHR ARC NWL aim to improve outcomes for patients and the public, improve the quality, delivery and efficiency of health and care services. Our innovative technology suppliers focus on making sustainable improvements in healthcare delivery for the benefit of patients and the public. Health solutions have to make a real tangible difference in healthcare delivery.

AI healthcare market leader solution that access and expose unstructured clinical data to generate SNOMED coding and clinical indicators to support clinical and operational decision making in risk, sepsis identification of co-morbidities and medications to improve patient outcomes. The tools supports the redesign of patient care pathways and searching for match criteria patients for clinical trials including rare diseases.

Management of patient flow from ED to discharge and beyond that supports command centres to manage limited healthcare resources with real time information to predict and manage tasks for optimum efficiency. Dashboards with predicative analytics that can support moving patients through the pathway and understanding bottlenecks to implement solutions operationally. GS1 Healthcare supply chain solution with bar codes and RFID to track/trace patient level costing. Asset Management solution with innovative COVID-19 real time cleaning solution for CQC compliance. Health analytics to model data with simulation to inform strategic and operational decision making. Healthcare predictive modeling to understand population health and design clinical services to support these requirements with social prescribing for preventive interventions.